Ideas for Projects

Project Ideas


*About my practice.

It is my goal with each project to build upon the knowledge and skills I’ve gained building the projects that have come before.  I believe the making of each new project should contain the definite risk of failure, which is why documentation of that project’s construction should be added to each piece like a footnote.

Below is a description of the current project I am working on.

Light Project 1.0

A box with a motorized arm.  The motor on the arm rotates the arm around the box like the hand on a clock.  On the end of the arm is a light-dependent resistor (LDR).  LDR’s are light sensors that will trigger the motor to run pivoting the arm back into the light every time that it falls into shadow.  What I’m guessing and hoping will happen is that when a viewer approaches the piece they will cast their shadow over the piece triggering the LDR and activating the motor causing the arm to turn away from that viewer.  The piece will know you are looking at it.


*Once I have successfully built Light 1.0 I would like to take what I have learned from that piece and push it a little farther by building Light 2.0 a much more complicated bit of engineering.

Light Project 2.0:

A tree that moves.  I want to plant a tree in a planter box.  I want to put the planter box on a motorized electric cart.  The cart would be powered by solar panels mounted on or in the planter.  I would attach LDRs to that rig. The LDRs would activate the electric motor whenever the cart fell into shadow causing the cart to drive itself back into the light, if possible.  

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